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Getting a loan till payday online can be dangerous, with all the news of identity theft and the poor regulation posed for the internet. A person looking to get a loan must be very cautious about giving out personal information.

Research the loan till payday service before giving away personal information. Try to get a loan from a well known lender, one that can be reached by telephone if possible. Its also important that you read the fine print of the contract, a lot of dishonest places will hide extra charges in this area.

Try to contact previous users to see what their opinions are. Ask friends if they know anything about the place youre trying to get the loan till payday from.

Most importantly, find out what precautions they take to protect your personal information.

Personal Information Needed

After you have done the proper research, and you have found a trustworthy loan till payday service, there will be some information that you will have to give.

* Full name, this may also include your maiden name.

* E-mail address

* Social security number

* Date of birth and place

* Contact details such as, phone number, work phone, and phone number of nearest living relative.

* Work information, like the name and address of the company, gross wages and how often you get paid.

* Bank account information, such as, routing number and account number will be needed to transfer the money.


After you have supplied the loan till payday service with all the required information, it becomes their responsibility to see that your information remains secure.

Most online payday services use secure server software (SSL). With this type of system all your information is encrypted or scrambled before being sent over the internet. There are also federal laws in place, where loan companies must comply with certain standards to ensure the safety of your information.

If the loan till payday service you chose has all the security and complies with federal laws, then you can rest easy, your information will be safe.

How Much Can You Borrow

There are a couple of factors that come into play when it comes to calculating how much of a loan till payday you can receive.

* Monthly gross income

* How secure the income is, which is usually determined by how long you have been at your current job, and if you receive around the same amount with each paycheck.

Each place has their own rules and own formulations, its best to check with the institute first before applying.

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