Can you play for free?

Today most casinos will allow you to play for free. Playing for free allows you to test the casino’s software and will allow you to find out how comfortable you will be playing with them. It’s obviously better to do all of this in advance before it costs you money. If a casino does not allow playing for free go elsewhere there is plenty of choice.

What is customer support is provided?

Do they provide 24 hour customer service? Do they have dedicated support staff not only to resolve queries on your account but also to explain the games to you if you need help? Beware of companies that don’t offer telephone support, despite the popularity of email the quickest and easiest way to resolve a problem is to speak with someone. Be very wary of one size fits all email support. One email can always fail; they may not be there, the box gets full. Look for addresses covering all the areas of play and support and look for it to be backed up by a real person via telephone.

What Are The Bonus & Loyalty Schemes Like?

Check out that you are happy with any introductory bonus offered (all casinos have one) but pay more attention to the loyalty bonus for regular play. You can then get used to playing in one casino regularly. If you can find a casino you are happy with and stay with them, you can then simply enjoy the playing experience and know you are being looked after, allowing you to concentrate on the games. If you want to enjoy your gaming experience to the full, you need to have a good relationship with your preferred casino. Taking some time and effort to research their services and background is therefore essential before you deposit your cash.

Feel comfortable

In conclusion make sure you do your homework you have plenty of choice so make sure you find a casino that meets all the above criteria and that you are happy with. Please note recommended casinos on this site meet all the above criteria and will provide you we are sure with an enjoyable playing experience.

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